Tunnel Ovens Oven
Tunnel Ovens

We have a range of tunnel baking ovens suitable for breads ( Afghan & Turkish), cakes, cereals, pavlovas, pies, etc Advantageous are: + Consistent and even baking + Energy efficient + Direct or radiant heatign + Mesh belt, slat or ... more

Flat Bread & Pizza Base Oven
Flat Bread & Pizza Base

We have a range of conveyor (continuous) baking ovens suitable for Flat Breads and Pizza Base Advantages of conveyor ovens: + Consistent and even baking + Energy efficient + Direct or Radiant heating + Reliable and flexible + Humidi... more

Coolers Oven

Coolers operate by drawing air through a product bed which is variable in depth. Features include: + Multiple sizes and capacities + Air Flow Control Valve + Remote Control + Efficient air handling more

Tower Ovens Oven
Tower Ovens

Our high volume tower dryer is ideal for processing snack foods and legumes where heat uniformity is critical without mechanical damage. This is widely used in the making of extruded snack foods, breakfast cereals and other various products. more

Automation Oven

We design a range of automation solutions to reduce labour and increase yield in your processes. This includes: + Conveyor product into or out of the oven & cooler + Tray handling + Storage hoppers + Elevating conveyors For exam... more

Singeing Tunnels Oven
Singeing Tunnels

Singeing tunnels for animal hair removal and browning of skins. The key features are: + Direct flame impingement of meat products + Horizontal or verticle hanging conveyors + Sensor to activate burners upon detection of products along the co... more

Direct Fired Air Heaters Oven
Direct Fired Air Heaters

Wesmartin design and manufacture a range of gas or electric air heters to provide heated air to plant process. more

Pharmaceutical Solutions Oven
Pharmaceutical Solutions

The Wesmartin customised Pharmaceutical Solutions include: + Electric heating system + Interlocked fume extraction + HEPA filtration + Conveyor interlocked with control parameters + Access for cleaning more