Installation & Commissioning
Installation & Commissioning

Wesmartin Leonda offers a wide range of professional services to assist in Plant and Equipment Installation and commissioning.  We have many years of experience in logistics, major plant installation, commissioning and OH&S implementation.
The wide range of services offered include:
+ Project management
+ Plant design and layout (3D)
+ Local authority consultancy
+ Transport and logistic issues
+ Equipment installation
+ Equipment placement and assembly
+ Testing
+ Commissioning
      + Safety checks
      + Check component operation
      + Equipment start up
      + Test with product
      + Authority approvals
      + Operator training
      + Establish quality procedures

Product Testing
Product Testing

Wesmartin Leonda has a range of equipment suitable for trialling products and processes in similar or new technologies to confirm the best solution for the process.

Engineering Assessment
Engineering Assessment

Wesmartin Leonda provides assessment of existing heating equipment to:
+ Optimise for current production demands
+ Consider if suitable for new production requirements
+ Review of heating system and temperature distribution
+ Compliance with current gas regulations
+ Consider possible upgrades and improvements
+ Mechanical wear and tear

Research & Development
Research & Development

Wesmartin Leonda works in partnership with the Food and Agricultural industries to foster an innovative and sustainable solution through targeted investment in research and development.

Engineering & Design
Engineering & Design

Wesmartin Leonda offers a wide range of engineering services such as professional assistance in design, engineering and local authority submissions.
We have many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of Food processing equipment.
Our customer services and consultancy resources can be the engineering and design arm of your business.
The range of services include:
+ Process design
+ Electrical design
+ Mechanical design
+ Project management
+ Engineering support
+ Local authority consultancy
+ Specific process analysis
+ Product evaluation


Our service staff is made up of qualified engineers and trade professionals with comprehensive training and knowledge about the current and new technologies.
Preventive maintenance is a planned and controlled program of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis.  It is key to keeping the equipment in top condition.  It extends the life of the equipment, minimises downtime, improves production efficiency and enhances product quality.  Process and production methodology may also require fine-tuning as the equipment ages.
Our range of maintenance services include:
+ Combustion systems analysis
+ Uniformity services
+ Preventative maintenance
+ Technical assistance
+ Breakdown services
+ Refurbishment and rebuilding
+ Training and manual documentation
+ General repairs
+ Spare parts
We have extensive know-how, many years of experience and strongly committed to success and performance.

Turnkey Projects
Turnkey Projects

Turn-Key solutions may include equipment supplied from ourselves and others.
Wesmartin Leonda can also offer professional project management for the supply and installation of a complete or partial production line with the relevant qualification and experience to get your work done.
Project management services are essential for project success delivered within defined constraints.
We offer to our customers:
+ Management
+ Electrical and mechanical engineering
+ Equipment sourcing
+ Time management
+ Resource management
+ Authority collaboration